Private Lessons

Private lessons are available and can either be held at Rojas Muay Thai or if you're 5-15 miles away, we are more than happy to bring our Pads and Private lessons to YOU.  All that is required is open space. The time span of the sessions can be booked for 1 hour long. 

If you would like to book a private lesson please call (972) 552- 4255 or click herE

Lesson at RMT

  • $80/Single Session

  • $375/5 Sessions

  • $750/10 Sessions

Lesson 5-9 Miles Away

  • $90/Single Sessions

  • $425/5 Sessions

  • $850/10 Sessions

Lesson 10-15 Miles Away

  • $100/Single Session

  • $475/5 Sessions

  • $950/10 Sessions