About US—

To all current and future students,

We are excited to extend the gift of Muay Thai from our family to yours. As a husband and wife team we collectively have over 30 years of both competing and training fighters and students all over the world.

Our passion for the art of Muay Thai drives us to create an environment that promotes an active, more self confident, and healthier version of you! It is by our example we choose to display the appreciation and respect for Thailand’s national sport in order to show you what it takes to first and foremost learn Muay Thai.

While fighting is such an important chapter in our lives, it is simply a small segment of what it really means to learn this art.

It is NOT our main priority to put you in the ring but to help you work towards the best version of yourself.

Please understand that, in our eyes, to become a fighter requires patience, time, blood, sweat, respect, heart, discipline, and sometimes tears. To become a true “Nak Muay”,

that moment in the ring must be earned through hard work and respect. This process will not be easy, but you will have our full support. Always remember we are all students first.

All we ask of all of our students, is that you FINISH.

Take a breather if you must, walk it off, slow your pace, but do not quit on yourself. You are so much more than you ever imagined! We are excited to share this journey with you, and we look forward to seeing you ready to train!

With Love and Respect, Al and Vee Rojas

Kru Alvaro Rojas

LINEAGE: Kru Ricardo Perez > Kru Alvaro Rojas

  • Fought in Chicago, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Canada

  • IKF Super Welter weigh champ in 2005

  • tba welter weight champ in 2007

  • record 23-1-1 welter weight (140-147lbs)


Kumu Vanessa “Janjira” Rojas

LINEAGE: Kru Saekson Janjira > Kumu Vanessa Rojas

  • Fought in Chicago, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Miami, twice in Pattaya Thailand, and one of the biggest Muay Thai promotions in the world: Japan’s K1.

  • In 2007, she was ranked 2nd in the nation by IKF.

  • SMTA Regional Champ in 2008.

  • Muay Thai Authority ranked her 4th in the nation 2010.

    Record: 9-3-0 | Women’s Atomweight (110-115lbs)